Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream

Hi friends!

DSC_0008So last year on my birthday, the sweetest bunch of University friends bought me an ice-cream machine. Okay, I’ll admit that I asked for it (heehee they asked me what I wanted), but they really didn’t need to get it. It was the perfect present – I’d wanted an ice-cream machine since I was young but my mom said that if I ate too much ice-cream, I’d become fat. Also, she said that ice-cream wasn’t healthy and there was no need to have a machine to make our own. Since it was an indulgent food, we could just go out and buy it as and when we wanted to (aka hardly ever).

However, as excited as I was to receive the ice-cream machine, this was the first time I used it. It has been a good 8 months since I got the machine. Oopsie daisy!

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70% of Cocoa Goodness

Hi everyone!


As you all know, I was in Bangkok for the past 4-5 months doing my Student Exchange Programme at Chulalongkorn University. Well, my exchange is finally over & I’m now back in Singapore :)

Having not been with my oven for a super long time (well I did come back & bake but yknow, not having it there all the time makes it different), I jumped at the opportunity to make my favourite challenging macarons for Mothers’ Day.

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